At Adeps we offer aerial photography and filming services that are bespoke to each client. We know what works best for the situation we are working in and have a number of camera platforms available can ensure we always use the best system to create the highest quality imagery for the job.
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Drones and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are a new and increasingly important, cost effective tool for building and construction industries, from initial site investigation and consideration, surveying and mapping, asset and progression monitoring, and claims mitigation they offer the ability for your organisation to keep an eye on KPIs and help cut cost and increase project oversight
Adeps use a number of platforms including RTK GPS enable UAS and Large sensor professional cameras that provide a high level of accuracy and precision. Images and footage are supplied through our online client portal, enabling easy and secure sharing, annotation and commenting of data through your organisation to the relevant stakeholders.
Adeps provide a wide variety of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) based aerial survey, 3d mapping and monitoring services. By using UAS platforms with RTK GPS for accurate positioning and Professional High Resolution camera imagery our system can provide a number of land survey solutions
Aerial monitoring is another important service offering we supply, one-off surveys are useful, but continuously monitoring assets and projects allows for issues to be spotted before they become a problem, whether is a Daily, Weekly or monthly monitoring regime.

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