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From today’s delivery and inspection drones to the flying passenger taxis of tomorrow, Sightec is opening up our skies to safe, reliable, high-performance air mobility with pioneering computer vision & AI flight technologies.
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Digitalization, automation and cost reduction have been the three main drivers for a $100B UAV market in 2016-2020e (70% Defense). The Vertical Mobility segment which includes Inspection, Goods and Passenger drones is estimated to grow from $10Bn. in 2020 to $75Bn. in 2035. (Goldman Sachs, Porsche Consulting)
Sightec addresses two major needs in current and future markets..
Future integration of flying vehicles in the urban airspace requires highly reliable, stand-alone and accurate navigation systems. Current solutions, such as GPS receivers, cannot localize a flying vehicle with sufficiently high accuracy and can suffer from signal loss in urban areas (urban canyons). Time-sensitive inspection missions for critical infrastructure and first responders often require real-time analytics of large areas with continuous identification and classification of multiple objects. Successful solutions will have to be commercially scalable by providing a combination of light-weight, low-consumption packaging and yet strong stand-alone computing capabilities.
The Solution: Sightec’s Situational Awareness System...
* Sightec paves the way for urban air mobility, drone delivery and autonomous inspection missions beyond line of sight by introducing an innovative real-time video analytics and localization solution.
* Based on computer vision and deep-learning methodologies.
* Uses proven proprietary real-time technologies, including gimbal-free software-based stabilization & smoothing, detection & tracking, 3D modeling and super resolution.
* Sub-meter localization accuracy
* Real-time detection & tracking of multiple ground and aerial objects Minimum resources (gimbal free, small processor, GPS free, minimal network bandwidth)
* Stand-alone product; minimal integration is needed
Go-To-Market Strategy...
* Raise awareness of flight safety in urban airspace and act as an enabler to autonomous flight BVLOS
* Sign strategic partnerships with major aviation platform manufacturers and data providers
* Begin sales based on licensing or/and SaaS models

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