School pupils have devised an idea to use drones to protect a local nature reserve » Drone Accelerator
Tom Priestley
by on August 21, 2019

The Albert Thinkers, a team of four Year 5 pupils from St Albert the Great College, Valletta (Malta), have come up with the idea of developing a drone-like robot to tackle the problems of illegal hunting and trampling of vegetation in nature reserves.

The project started when the pupils decided to focus on the problem of air pollution and what could be done to reduce it. They soon realised that the answer has been with us for millennia; trees! Their thought process then shifted to the local environment and the few spaces where nature is still untouched, such as nature reserves.

A prototype of the system, called a Nature Reserve Protector (NRP), was showcased at the Malta Robo League Technology and Gadgets Expo, which included the use of motion sensors and cameras to photograph intruders, an internet connection to transfer images to the relevant authorities, and the idea even included a speaker playing sounds to combat the noise from the drone's rotors!

Since then the school children have had the opportunity to create a video as part of the TED-Ed Student Talk Progrgam, with students working together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas through TED-Ed's flexible curriculum.


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