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by on November 13, 2018
Autonomous indoor inspection drone startup Flyability SA today said it has raised $11 million in new funding to increase production, expand its partner network and hike increase research and development.
The Series B round was co-led by ETF Partners and Swisscom Ventures with Dow Chemical Co., GoBeyond and MKS (Switzerland) SA also participating.
Founded in 2014, Flyability is designing autonomous drones that can be used for visual inspections of confined spaces. Targeted at disrupting how visual inspection is performed in power generation, oil and gas, mining, chemical and maritime infrastructures, as well as in public safety and search and rescue, the drones replace the need for humans to inspect hazardous environments, reducing downtime and inspection costs.
Even if the idea may sound technical to some, the concept is remarkably simple. When equipment or an area requires inspection, a company sends in a Flyability drone instead of a human, the drone being both smaller than a human and unaffected by potential exposure to toxic chemicals or other hazards.
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