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by on September 14, 2018
Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird! Is it a plane! No it’s a….tiny, flying robot? With the end of 2018 looming, it’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t heard of drone technology – even just in passing. From Super Bowl half-time shows to delivering your online orders, drone technology has only become more sophisticated in the last few years; and companies all over the globe are looking at how they can harness their power to bring something unique to their customers.
You may even have seen these flying machines down at the beach, or at your friend’s wedding this summer, as amateurs and professionals alike are increasingly using them for business and pleasure. However, their developing quality and ease of use are steadily becoming a tool in the marketing world, and more than just a hobbyist’s delight. Keep scrolling to see how you can take advantage of drone technology to increase your marketing reach.
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