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Your Membership Benefits


Drone Accelerator's membership benefits have been curated to provide you with the tools and support you need to grow your business,
such as discounts, business opportunities and professional support & advice, with more benefits continuing to be added by our partners.


Terms & Conditions templates, access to an exclusive business helpline with legal, tax and general business advice, website development discounts and bespoke exhibition stand discounts.

Discounts on training courses and insurance from renowned providers such as Commercial Drone Training and Coverdrone, accommodation discounts and wall art discounts

Discounts on equipment such as drone systems, cameras, laptops, software and printed workwear

As a paid member you can become a Drone Accelerator Affiliate, earn commission and a discount for your referrals, and position yourself as an industry expert, with a listing on our affiliate page and description of your expertise. You can manage your own group dedicated to your industry to make announcements, start discussions and share content, and receive an invitation to our affiliate member events. All for taking an active role in the development of the organization and engaging with the network.


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Benefit/Offer to Professional Members Only - 50% royalty rate for non-exclusive content & 55% for exclusive content.

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