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Become an Affiliate

Affiliates are essentially 'Power Members' who take an active role in the growth and development of the organisation and, as such reap far greater rewards than professional membership could possibly bring. The package has been put together to provide the tools and support that you need to position yourself as an industry expert and communicate with our growing customer base:

  • Affiliate member status and a listing on our affiliate page with a photo, description of your expertise and a link to your group and your website.
  • Your own Group within Drone Accelerator which you will administer and manage. The group enables you to make announcements, start discussions, share photos, videos, and documents with your members. This is a mini network within the larger network
  • Your own membership link and voucher code which will provide your referrals with a 10% discount for year 1 and you with a 10% commission on their membership year on year for as long as you are managing and engaging with our audience through the group. This includes Drone Major membership as well as Drone Accelerator.
  • Invitation to our Affiliate Member events (next event 2019) and a chance to be crowned Affiliate of the year! An accolade to be sure!
  • The ability to publish unlimited articles on Drone Accelerator