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Media Request The following content has been requested by one of our clients for use in an upcoming project.

Media Request The following content has been requested by one of our clients for use in an upcoming project.

About Us

Drone Accelerator is the world’s largest online network providing unique connectivity for the drone industry and is a key part of Drone Major Group. The network is the only business accelerator for the drone industry worldwide, providing vital support and added value to start-ups and young drone businesses across all environments (surface, underwater, air & space).

The emerging industry is largely made up of new and small businesses that need as much support as possible to grow and succeed. Drone Accelerator provides access to valuable information, experts, finance facilities and special interest groups that enable a community approach to business development and problem-solving as well as a wide range of privileges and benefits for businesses in their early stages:


We seek out and attract opportunities and tenders from around the world for our members and have developed a tender support system which can guide, educate and prepare young drone companies in how to approach a tender and maximise their chances of securing the opportunity.


As the world’s largest drone network and its only accelerator, Drone Accelerator connects Drone & Robotic businesses around the world that are either starting out in business, are young and growing, or organizations wishing to support the industry.


Our involvement with Standards organisations, regulatory and government bodies, institutions, insurance providers, event organisers, financial organisations and universities around the world provides opportunities for young businesses to involve themselves in funded research projects, alongside further opportunities to have their research funded.


The Drone Accelerator network provides all the support that an ambitious growing drone business needs, with advice groups hosted by experts from around the world, a central advice service, legal advice, tax advice and much more.

Benefits & Discounts

We have negotiated discounts with carefully selected Suppliers that are as dedicated as we are to supporting drone businesses in their formative years.


Our finance portal provides access to a range of financial services designed to help get your business moving forward successfully. From invoice financing to loans and access to potential investors, it’s all there for you.


Our dedicated recruitment service is totally free for members to advertise; and also for those in the industry looking for employment. No matter what environment you work in, there will be something there for you.

The Voice

The Voice acts as the barometer for the drone industry by accessing the opinion and knowledge of the entire global drone market. The Voice, which uses the extensive Drone Accelerator network infrastructure, is completely free to join and enables all stakeholders to have their voice heard through surveys, polls, discussions and the ability to write white papers for independent peer review and possible publication. The Voice encourages thought leadership by making its output available to standards makers such as the British Standards Institution (BSI) and other national and international standards bodies worldwide, as well as regulators and think tanks around the world.